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South County Meditation Group

The South County Meditation Group meets in Oceano on Sunday mornings from 9:00am  ‑  10:15am for meditation and discussion in the Gudrun Hus Studio at Tierra Nueva Cohousing, adjacent to the town of Halcyon (see Maps) (see Brochure).

Our meditation practice is informed by the wisdom tradition of Buddhism. All levels of meditation experience are welcome, and it is not necessary to be a member of White Heron Sangha to attend. If someone is new to meditation, and new to the group, the facilitator, or one of our group members, may guide the meditation for the first 10 minutes or so. Individualized meditation instruction is available upon request.

We are a peer-led group, in the tradition of kalyanamittata ("admirable friendship", or "spiritual friends").

The usual meeting format is: start with reading the Beginning Practice, meditate for 30 minutes, read the Ending Practice, then announcements and discussion. Sometimes, we extend the meditation period to 45 minutes.

We do not meet when there is a White Heron Sangha weekend retreat.

Generally, after the first sitting of each month, for those who are so inclined, we have a casual social time with tea and light refreshments.

Books that we have read recently include:

The book that we are currently reading is:
Date Opener Facilitator Program  (updated 09/09/2018)
Sep 16
David Nancy Hilyard Open discussion - "How Is Your Practice Going? What guides your intention in meditation practice? How is the intention realized?"
Sep 23 Steph Mary 2. Free to Love | The Beloved • Love's Many Faces • Grace and Angst • Respond with Love • The Sparkle in Your Eyes • Encounter with the Gods • Embodying Love • Love Baked Fresh • Blessing of Respect
Practice: Lovingkindness Meditation
Sep 30
Susan Lisa 3. Trusting the Living Universe | Tending Our Garden • The Dance of Life • Wise Trust • Beyond Despair • Embraced by a Living Universe • Aging with Trust
Practice: Trust in the Big Picture • Trust Your Knowing • Be Inspired by Trust
Oct 7
Kathy Kathy Tea Time Sunday - Extended Meditation (45 minutes), followed by free-form discussion and social time.
Oct 14
4. The Eternal Present | Touching the Eternal Present • Notice Now • Moral Mathematics of the Moment • Beginner's Mind • How Then Shall We Live? • Finding Sanctuary • Timelessness of the Natural World • Lover of the Moment • That's for You
Practice: Open to Timelessness
Oct 21
Steph W  
In addition to our regular Sunday morning meditation and discussion, we also have other get‑togethers from time to time.
The Google Group White Heron Sangha - South County Meditation Group [whsscmg] is at http://goo.gl/zxJXUD

For further information, please feel free to contact these WHSSCMG members: Lois Richerson <thelois@gmail.com>, Kathy Headtke <kheadtke@sbcglobal.net> and Harry Hōetsu Heck <hoetsu@icloud.com>
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