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A sangha is a community of friends practicing the dharma together, helping each other on their spiritual path, in order to bring about and maintain awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony, and love.” — Thich Nhat Hahn

November 2019

Dear White Heron Sangha Friend,

Some of us have a deep connection to our White Heron Sangha family that goes back ten, twenty or more years. We’re often referred to as the “old-timers,” not only because of our white hair, but because we have stayed connected to our Sangha and participated in and supported its growth over the years.

Why? The answer is that we truly cherish this jewel, this refuge of sangha in our daily life. We come to practice the dharma together and take advantage of its many offerings that are now available to us, day after day, week after week.

Since the move to our beautiful center at Avila Village, we’ve experienced an influx of new faces. Many have read books about Buddhism and meditation and perhaps tried to practice on their own. Through participating in some of our programs, they have found a welcoming community in White Heron Sangha that will help them further their interest in the dharma. Below is a testimonial to this from Allen, one of our newer members:

“In this era of texting and social media, my life is better because of the community at WHS, where we meet in person and are connected by our shared values of peace and kindness. I really feel like I am a part of something.”

All of us, the old-timers, the newer participants, and everyone in-between, realize the importance of sustaining and giving back to our Sangha in any way that is possible for us. Again, from Allen:

“Giving back, through volunteering on Sundays and serving on the Retreat Committee, makes me feel even more connected. Committing some of my time to the sangha has helped me become more consistent with attending Sunday programs and also with my own meditation practice, so that my practice and the sangha are solid parts of my life.”

Allen’s experience reminds us of the profound healing and insight that is made possible through practice, sharing the dharma with our spiritual friends at White Heron Sangha, and giving – through volunteering and financial support.

Each year, we depend on your financial contributions to operate our Meditation Center and keep the White Heron Sangha retreats and programs running smoothly. With your continued support, we hope to expand our offerings, perhaps by making available a daily meditation sitting and increasing our outreach into the larger community.

We thank those of you who have been supporting us throughout the year. If you’re not already a sustaining contributor, now is a good time to consider joining our Stewardship Council, where you offer a set amount each month in support of everything we are doing. You can now do this online on our White Heron Sangha website or as an ongoing, recurring donation to White Heron Sangha through your financial institution.

We gratefully appreciate all donations to White Heron Sangha. Those who practice with us contribute to the field of generosity, goodwill, and connection that sustains us all. Please see our Donate Now page for instructions on giving to White Heron Sangha with whatever method you choose.

You will receive a thank you letter from White Heron Sangha early next year for donations made in 2019, and, if it is within your means, please also consider including White Heron Sangha in your estate planning.

In gratitude,

White Heron Sangha Financial Stewardship Committee:

Carole Maurer, WHS President  

Greg Thomas, WHS Treasurer

Mick Malotte

Susan Quinones

Sharon Rippner

Ramdas Kenjale

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