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Some programs are held in person and online. Check the calendar for details. Before attending read the full protocol here.

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Mentoring and Meditation Instruction

Mentoring and meditation instruction are available to interested meditators. Experienced practitioners will provide one-on-one guidance based on their own years of regular practice and time spent in retreat.

A meditation practitioner might want to meet with a mentor for a variety of reasons: to get advice on starting a meditation practice, to receive beginning meditation instructions, to take a refresher on the process of meditation, to develop a specific technique, if they are feeling that a plateau has been reached or if they have become discouraged with progress, or if they simply want to discuss meditation practice with a more experienced person.

Meeting times and places are flexible and will be mutually agreed upon by the participants. There is no explicit fee – mentoring is given in the tradition of dana, or generosity, in which a donation would be made only if that feels comfortable. A donation is not mandatory - no one is turned away because of an inability to donate. 

For more information or to make an appointment for mentoring or instruction please call or email James Coleman at 805-550-6908 or, and email Rosemary Donnell at

James Coleman,

Rosemary Donnell,
Mick Malotte,
Laura Liss,