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Online Weekend Retreat with Ayya Santacitta and Ven. Dhammadipa - Recalling What Compels You to Practice - Registration closes at noon on June 26

  • 27 Jun 2020
  • 8:30 AM
  • 28 Jun 2020
  • 4:00 PM
  • Online


  • If paying by check, mail to WHS PO Box 870, Morro Bay, CA 93443. The retreat fee covers both days but does not include a payment to the teacher. The teachings are given on a donation basis only. Please be generous with your offering to the teacher and the Sangha.
  • Reduced rate for those unable to pay the regular fee. If paying by check, mail to WHS, PO Box 870, Morro Bay, CA 93443. The retreat fee covers both days but does not include a payment to the teacher. The teachings are given on a donation basis only. Please be generous with your offering to the teacher and the Sangha.
  • For those who are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay a registration fee. The teachings are given on a donation basis only. If you are able, please be generous with your offering to the teacher and the Sangha.


Ayya Santacitta Ven. Dhammadipa

White Heron Sangha welcomes Ayya Santacitta and Venerable Dhammadipa, teachers and nuns from the Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery, for a two-day online retreat.

"Gently engaging what arises offers some of the very best opportunities for your meditation to deepen, and your wisdom and compassion to grow."

The opportunity for practice is always present, yet it is helpful to take time to explore this more deeply. We will work in particular with embodiment and the six senses, thereby recognizing impermanence operating in all experience. During this weekend online retreat, the nuns will offer pointers for establishing a meditative space at home, guided meditations, Dharma talks, chanting, and Q&A.

This is a powerful time to create a home retreat for yourself. It will take some dedication to do this, and we will show you how you can set it up. By choosing to let go of the usual habits of distraction, unnecessary busyness, and taking on tasks that can wait, you can make this a beneficial and healing time.

Our homes tend to be places where our habits are strongest; the momentum of unconsciousness can be strongest in the home environment. The possibility of bringing awareness to this aspect of our lives is very powerful, and allows us to deeply integrate our spiritual path into our living space.

We look forward to supporting you on this retreat. If you choose to attend, we are asking that you commit to the retreat with the same integrity you would bring to a retreat in a residential setting.

Please read the full Retreat Guidelines for this retreat, which includes important recommendations for creating your home retreat environment, online retreat etiquette and expectations, and the schedule.

During the retreat, we will work with the following texts and chants, which we suggest you download and print out before the retreat:
The Three Refuges and Five Precepts
The Four Boundless Qualities (Brahmaviharas)
The Five Subjects for Frequent Recollection
The Simile of the Mountain

Ayya Santacitta Bhikkhuni has trained as a nun in both the East and West since 1993, primarily in the lineage of Ajahn Chah, and has practiced meditation for over 30 years. Since 2002, she has also received teachings in the lineage of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Santacitta Bhikkhuni co-founded Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery in 2009 and received Bhikkhuni Ordination in 2011. She is particularly interested in creating sanctuary close to nature, living in community and bringing wisdom traditions to the environmental movement.

Ven. Dhammadipa has been practicing Buddhism since 1987. She became a resident at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery in 2017, and began samaneri training in the Theravada Forest Tradition in the West in 2018. She also serves as the Guiding Teacher of Dhamma-dipa.com, an online sangha with students worldwide. Prior to taking up Theravada practice, Venerable was ordained a nun in the Soto Zen tradition in 2007, after 20 years of lay Zen practice. She is a Dharma Heir in the Suzuki Roshi lineage. In addition to English, Ven. Dhammadipa teaches in Spanish, an expression of her Latin heritage. She is a trained inter-faith chaplain, and has provided spiritual care in both hospital and hospice settings.

Saturday, June 27, 2020, 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Sunday, June 28, 2020, 8:30AM - 4:00PM

Where: Online via Zoom 
The Zoom link for the retreat will be emailed to registrants on Friday, June 26.
White Heron Sangha will provide an optional Zoom orientation session online on Friday, June 26, at 7:30PM. More details about the orientation will be emailed to those who register for the retreat.

Pay what you can afford: $50, $25, or $0, depending on your means. The fee covers both days; attending the entire retreat enables you to fully appreciate the teachings that are being offered.

The teachings are offered freely. The retreat fee covers only retreat expenses; beyond that, none of the retreat fee goes to the teachers. We try to keep our retreat fees to a minimum so that you can be truly generous with your donation to the teachers and to White Heron Sangha. Information about donating to the teachers is available on the Aloka Vihara Support webpage, and to White Heron Sangha on the Donate Now page.

We require that you register online and pay by credit card or send a check to White Heron Sangha, PO Box 870, Morro Bay, CA 93443. Registration will close by noon on Friday, June 26. 

For questions, contact Susan Quinones, susanqrn@gmail.com

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