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Directions to

Crows End Retreat

6430 Squire Court, San Luis Obispo

Crows End Retreat
is located in Squire Canyon, 1.3 miles east of Highway 101. From the San Luis Bay Drive exit (also called the See Canyon Road exit), head across San Luis Obispo Creek to the "T" intersection, and turn right onto Monte Road, which makes a left hand curve, and goes up a small rise; the street name changes to Squire Canyon Road on the other side of the small rise.

Continue up Squire Canyon Road for about a half mile, going over 3 speed bumps on the way; be mindful not to take the right fork onto Indian Knob Road. After the 3rd speed bump, slow down and begin to look for Squire Court, the gray gravel road that looks like a driveway, ahead about 25 yards off to the left, between high evergreen trees. The roadway entrance is marked on the left by a brown sign with addresses in white lettering, and is marked on the right by a welded sign announcing Crows End with a sculpted metal crow perched on top of the sign, pointing in the direction of the Retreat.

Continue for 550 feet to the end of Squire Court, where there is an iron gate, embellished with a large welded art piece in the form of a stylized tree; the gate will slowly open automatically, after your vehicle has activated the pressure plate in the roadway. Drive past the private residence on the left, to the parking area, which will be on the right.

Note: Please drive slowly (suggested 5 MPH) on Squire Court in the interest of dust abatement on the solar panels adjacent to the roadway.

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