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Retreat Committee News
by Kristie Wells


The White Heron Sangha Retreat Committee recently hosted a weekend retreat with Tina Rasmussen and Stephen Snyder. Many of the 51 people who attended reported being very pleased with the clear, gentle, balanced presentation of concentration meditation that Steve and Tina presented.

Our next retreat is the weekend of April 8- 9 with Al Blum, a senior teacher with Dharma Ocean (founded by Dr. Reggie Ray). The retreat theme will beThe Power of Somatic Meditation in an Anxious Ageand will include somatic meditation practices that “directly address our experiences of disembodiment, stress, and sensory overload.”  (more about the retreat)

Please note that this retreat will be held in a new venue, the Morro Bay Community Center at 1001 Kennedy Way (map), as the Veterans Hall was not available. This facility is large, clean, and pleasant, and should be especially well suited to this retreat where some of the practices are done lying down. If you attend, be sure to bring a pad or blanket to lie on and a tie or belt to use at those times.

An introduction to this body-oriented style of practice will be presented at our Sunday evening meeting on March 26 by John Dilworth, Alice Reinheimer, and Amber Larson -- all experienced meditators who find these practices to be a very powerful gateway to dimensions of experience that are extremely rich and deep.

The Retreat Committee is delighted to welcome our two newest members, Sharon Rippner and Brian Walker, who responded to our recent request for assistance. We appreciate their enthusiasm and willingness to step up to help us with the many tasks involved in the hosting of our retreats. We could still use additional members to help share the load, so please let me (or any other committee member) know if you might be interested. I am very grateful to Sharon and Brian and to all of our committee members who are so generous with their time and talents. 

Scheduled retreats 2017

  • Al & Sari Blum: April 8-9, 2017
  • Donald Rothberg: July 29-30, 2017
  • Kamala Masters: October 14-15, 2017

Scheduled retreats 2018

  •  John Makransky: March 3-4, 2018
  • Tempel Smith: June 2-3, 2018
  • Sally Armstrong: August 4-5, 2018
  • Shaila Catherine: September 15-16, 2018

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