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Our first Sunday evening meditation program at the new White Heron Sangha Meditation Center, 6615 Bay Laurel Pl, Avila Village, was held on May 28, 2017, at 6PM (see maps)

We’re hopeful that the presence of a Buddhist meditation center in the San Luis Obispo area will be a great support for the ever-growing interest in meditation and the Dharma and serve as a place of refuge in these unsettling times. We have room for 60-70 people for Sunday meditation and have purchased beautiful new chairs and meditation cushions to help make the meditation experience easier for you.

Meditation instruction and sittings on weekday evenings are also being held at the new center, and we have initiated some new offerings, such as classes.  Be sure to check our homepage calendar for any last minute updates: www.whiteheronsangha.org

Some people have asked why we need to have our own place and how we can afford the lease in Avila Village. To the first question: Many of you who had been attending our Sunday meetings at Unity Church in San Luis Obispo noticed that attendance has been steadily growing and we often filled up the sanctuary space there. In addition, offering a beautiful, light, meditative space will attract more people in our community who are interested in Buddhist meditation. Having our own center allows us to offer classes and more sittings during the week that fit into our own schedule and will accommodate more people who wish to learn and practice together.

To the second question: Thankfully, up to this point, through our Sunday, ongoing, and annual donations, we’ve been able to meet our expenses and save a little each year. Over the past nearly twenty years, we have accumulated a cushion that makes it possible for us to safely commit to a two-year lease at the new place. We are hoping that the existence of a dedicated spiritual home will stimulate new levels of gratitude and generosity in our members and the community that will make this a sustainable venture for years to come.

On hearing the news of our exciting new development, several of our members have donated large amounts towards the purchase of chairs, meditation cushions, audio-visual equipment, and other startup expenses. Others have begun making significant regular monthly donations. While we don't want to put financial pressure on anyone who can't afford to or doesn't wish to contribute more, we are hopeful that more members will want to make regular donations to White Heron Sangha through their bank, through the dana basket at the center, or online through our website donation page. We also are considering supplementing our income by occasionally renting the facility in the future to other compatible groups, provided they won’t impact our own programs. Time will tell if we can pull it off financially.

It’s important to support the things we love. Contributing financially on a regular basis is one way, and another is by becoming a Sangha volunteer. We have many volunteer opportunities for you to support us and we’ll be sharing these with you and requesting your help in the coming months.

We hope the new White Heron Sangha Meditation Center will truly be our Sangha’s home – a place to respect and enjoy. See you there.

With metta –

Carole Maurer, President, White Heron Sangha Board of Directors 

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