White Heron Sangha

Update On the Core Buddhism Class

by Rosemary Donnell

I’ve been teaching the Core Buddhism Class for White Heron Sangha since 1997. For the last couple of years it's been held in my home. This has limited the number of participants, but has also resulted in making the class  more meaningful and effective. And I do enjoy having it my cozy living room.  Now that the Sangha will be moving to our own space, this has presented a slight dilemma for me.  It has opened the possibility of having the Core Buddhism Class taught at the new White Heron Sangha Meditation Center. It's likely that in the future sometimes the series will be held there and when that happens enrollment will be limited to 15.

Since the series will sometimes be held at my house, I will not be advertising it on the website.  The notification procedure, no matter where the class is taught, will remain the same: approximately three to six weeks before the first session, I will e-mail a notification to those on the "want class" contact list that I maintain. After a couple of weeks if the class hasn’t filled from the “want class” list, I will announce the class opportunity at Sunday Sangha.

For those unfamiliar with the Core Buddhism Class, it is a series which meets one evening a week for 5 weeks. It covers the early teachings of the Buddha and mindfulness meditation.  The class is suitable for brand new beginners and for experienced practitioners alike.  It is usually held from 6:00pm to 8:15pm with a 15-minute break half way through.  Though there is no charge for the class, a dana basket is available.

To be placed on the “want class” list to be notified of upcoming class offerings, please e-mail me at rtdonnell@sbcglobal.net. The next series will likely be held during July and August at my home.

Once you are on the list (unless you change your e-mail address and forget to let me know) you will be informed of every series, which is normally offered two or three times each year. You may request removal at any time.  Many times the class announced won’t work for your schedule; that’s the beauty of the on-going list.  You’ll still be notified each time and eventually one will work for you.

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