White Heron Sangha




 by Sharon Rippner,
     Volunteer Coordinator

Appreciation for our wonderful volunteers

Our WHS Center has become such a wonderfully warm, beautiful and welcoming space in which to take refuge. This is not an accident nor does it happen by magic. Rather, it takes many hands to bring this about. I am privileged to work with some special people who have stepped up and help foster this outcome by their on-going, dedicated service to our Sangha. I want to acknowledge and sincerely thank each one of them for their generosity of service. I hope you will do the same.

These are the people who regularly show up for cleaning days and help make the Sangha clean and shiny:
John Paul D’Acquisto, Mary Martin, Alyn Bartick, Mary Renard, and Marina Bethlenfalvay. Others who occasionally participate in this effort are Annie Graves Kelly, Christina Sheffield, Charlene West, and Judy Ivarie.

These people make sure WHS Center is opened and closed on Sunday evenings:
Jim Crandall, Chuck Tribbey, Cle’ Van Beurden, Corey McIntyre, Gail Cheda, Steven Marx, Brian Walker, Russell Hodin, Tom Rippner and Nisa King. These people manage our tea service on Sunday evenings (and often bring tasty refreshments and/or flowers as well): MaryLynn Crandall, Kathryn Tribbey, Sylvia Alcon, Grace Crittenden, Lynn Breakstone, Christina Sheffield, Allen Dailey, and Mary Renard.

In addition to the above, those who have generously brought flowers or refreshments include:
Gar & Elizabeth Salzgeber, Maliha Zulfacar, Levan Hoang, Jeff Miller and Stephanie Lee.

Since moving to this Center, we have new people coming on Sunday almost every week. Those who have stepped into the responsibility of meeting and welcoming them are:
Jim Crandall, Allen Dailey, Jerry Breakstone, Charlene West and Christina Sheffield.

And our Sunday Meditation leaders include:
Greg Thomas, Joe Giral, Gail Cheda, Claudia Coleman.

As Volunteer Coordinator, it is my job to oversee the Serving Our Sangha effort. However, the above people are the ones who make the difference between having “a nice place” and entering the beautiful, warm and welcoming WHS Center we now enjoy.

Bows to you all!

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