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from the Décor Committee-

Art in the Sangha

 by Claudia Coleman

One of our new wall hangings

Many of you have noticed and, I hope, appreciated the wall hangings and other decorative elements that enhance the contemplative nature of our Center as a place for us to practice the Dharma and be part of a true Buddhist sangha. I imagine you have also noticed that some of the walls are bare.

The Décor Committee has decided that keeping the front walls, those on each side of the center altar, free of any distractions reflects a peaceful, meditative calm, so we will not be hanging anything there. We have hung things on other walls, however, and these are either pieces that the sangha owns or ones that members have graciously offered to lend the Center for us to enjoy.

We still have room for a few additional pieces, and we would be happy to consider any suggestions or pieces that anyone might like to offer on loan. Since we already have pieces from the Vajrayana tradition (e.g. from Tibet), we would be especially interested in works that reflect the Zen or the Theravaden traditions—that is, pieces from Japan,  Thailand, China, or Korea, for example, as well as modern works that are clearly Buddhist in nature. 

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Yours Truly,

The Décor Committee

Claudia Coleman, (claudia.royal@gmail.com)
Russ Hodin
Carole Maurer
Mary Renard
Sharon Rippner

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