White Heron Sangha

White Heron Sangha offers sessions of gentle, mindful movement followed by sitting meditation several mornings each week. Mindful movement can awaken a meaningful connection with our inner experience and everyday life as it works to unite mind, body and spirit.

Mondays 9-10:15 am with Kolleen Harrison

Wednesdays 9-10:15 am with Laura Liss

Please welcome Cynthia Russek who is regularly subbing classes.

Join us for a practice of breath and body awareness as we move through areas of tension, increase range of motion and strengthen our relationship with the present moment.

Each class will begin with 45 minutes of gentle movement followed by 30 minutes of sitting meditation. All levels are welcome! No prior experience is required. Regular attendance is not required.

Suggested donation: $10, or what you can afford.

For more information click any of the links in the list of sessions shown below.

Mindful Movement & Meditation

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