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 by Sharon Rippner,
     Volunteer Coordinator

Grateful Bows to Those Who Serve Our Sangha

In my Spring 2018 newsletter report on Serving our Sangha, I named the many people who contribute work and effort on a monthly (sometimes weekly) basis to our Sangha.  These folks keep our Sangha welcoming for our Sunday gathering and clean throughout the month.  They have continued to consistently serve and the wellbeing of our Sangha depends on them all.  Many bows to each and everyone of you for your faithful efforts! 

As our Sangha has continued to grow and activities have expanded, it became apparent that cleaning twice a month was no longer sufficient.  So, beginning June 1, the WHS Cleaning Team schedule went from twice a month to weekly.  Since then, generally three volunteers have met each Friday at 1:00 to clean the Sangha.  This meant expanding the Cleaning Team.  So who now are the volunteers who sweep, mop, scrub, dust, vacuum and empty trash on Fridays?  We are John Paul D’Acquisto, Alyn Bartick, Mary Renard, Marina Bethlenfalvay, Mary Martin, Althena Dill, Shiela Schraub, Judy Ivarie, and yours truly.  Thanks to each of these great Team Members!  And special thanks goes to John Paul who volunteered every Friday and to Mary Martin who is co-coordinating this team with me. 

Sadly, in mid-August, this stellar line-up experienced some losses.  First, John Paul, now working a full time job, is no longer able to make a standing commitment to this Team.  His loss leaves a really big hole because of his weekly help.  In addition, Althena Dill is moving from SLO so we have lost her as well.  Being a bit short staffed to begin with, we are now in serious need of more volunteers -- at least five! -- for our WHS Cleaning Team.

So, if you enjoy having a clean Sangha, please consider helping out by joining our Cleaning Team!  Help is needed every week—just let me know which week of the month is best for you.  And, remember, we are an equal opportunity team—men and women, young and old—all are welcome as long as you are willing to have fun while you work!!   Thanks for considering.  

Sharon Rippner, Volunteer Coordinator  805-909-0405, srippner@msn.com

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