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 by Sharon Rippner,
 Volunteer Coordinator

Friday Cleaning Volunteers

Mary Martin (coordinator, left) and Sheila Schraub

Changing of the Guard

This will be my final update on Serving Our Sangha activities. Currently we have almost a full complement of volunteers on board for all of the jobs in the Sangha. However, we need a couple of positions filled, and we can always use back-up volunteers to fill in when regular volunteers are ill or traveling. So, please, if you would like to get involved in volunteering for the Sangha, do not be shy! There is a place for you!

I have so much enjoyed coordinating the activities of the Sangha’s Hospitality and Cleaning Volunteers over the past 15 months. To those who volunteer time and energy to these activities, I hope you know how essential your service is to the smooth functioning of our Sangha. Your generous commitments of time and energy have made my role as coordinator both fun and easy. Thank you all!

Beginning in January, 2019, Marianne Palmer will resume coordinating duties for the Sunday evening Hospitality Volunteers. Mary Martin has assumed the coordinator role for the cleaning activities for the Sangha. While I will no longer be coordinating, I will continue to be a volunteer in both venues—it really is just too much fun to leave the SOS program entirely!

In Gratitude, Sharon Rippner

805-909-0405, srippner@msn.com

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