White Heron Sangha

From the President

 by Carole Maurer

WHS President

“Cultivating thankfulness for being part of life blossoms into a feeling of being blessed, having a refined appreciation for the interdependent nature of life.”     -Phillip Moffitt

Season’s Greetings to All -

The end of the year is a time for reflection and giving thanks to our family, friends, teachers, benefactors, and all those who have come before us who have made it possible for us to be comfortable, informed, and empowered. Feeling gratitude for all we have been given also elicits feelings of generosity, which then creates further joy.

In this spirit of thankfulness, I’m hoping we can all acknowledge and thank the members of White Heron Sangha who, through their generosity, volunteer their time and energy to make the Sangha and our Meditation Center run so well.

      • Facility: We come into the Meditation Center and it looks so clean, welcoming and beautiful, and functions smoothly.
      • Sunday Programs: The interesting and informative Sunday programs and tea time are planned and scheduled way in advance for our convenience and enjoyed by all who attend them.
      • Retreats: Retreats with renowned and inspiring teachers run smoothly and with apparent ease.
      • Classes, Sittings, Yoga: Opportunities for classes, meditation sittings and yoga now are available throughout the week.
      • Website and Membership: Our well-run website offers online accessibility for our programs, articles, membership, retreats, and supporting financial transactions.
      • Board of Directors: And, our 15-member all-volunteer White Heron Sangha Board of Directors plans and oversees all of these committees and activities and is in charge of the financial health of the Sangha.

So, as we utilize these offerings in the future, let’s not take them for granted but open our hearts and really notice and feel gratitude for all those who make this possible. And, a “thank you” once in a while is greatly appreciated.

Committee Changes

Beginning in January 2019, we have some committee chairperson changes: Susan Quinones is handing over the Program Committee to Claudia Coleman; Sharon Rippner will be replacing Brian Walker as head of the Retreat Committee; Marianne Palmer will be taking over the Sunday Hospitality and Volunteer Committee from Sharon Rippner; and Mary Martin will become the official leader of the new Facility Cleaning Committee. A special thanks is in order for Susan, Brian, and Sharon as they leave their current positions after doing a marvelous job, making an easy transition possible.

Stewardship Circle

Of course, another way to say “thanks” is through supporting the Sangha financially. By now, everyone who is considered a “member” should have received the annual membership renewal letter along with a letter from the Financial Stewardship Committee and a donation card to send back with your gift to the Sangha. If you didn’t get one, or want to read it online, you can see it here

I’d like to personally thank all those who have contributed or will be contributing this year, and especially, to those of you who are arranging to be a part of our Stewardship Circle by donating a set amount each month. Through your generosity we are able to continue to afford our current location in Avila Village and have a reserve for future expansion of our offerings. You can find out more about how to donate to White Heron Sangha on the Donate page on our website.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy, peaceful, and joyous holiday season.

With metta and gratitude for all -

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