White Heron Sangha

2018 End of Year Financial Report

by Greg Thomas, WHS Treasurer

White Heron Sangha is again in a good financial position as of the end of 2018.  In spite of the fact that our rent is significantly higher than what we were paying prior to our move to Avila Village in May 2017, we have been able to support the expanding of our programs due to the generous donations of our participants. We are now averaging 6-7 well-attended programs or sitting groups each week, compared to one or two before the move!

White Heron Sangha’s sponsored programs in 2018 included: Sunday meditation meetings in Avila, Atascadero, and Oceano; 4 weekend meditation retreats led by well-known and respected teachers; Buddhism and dharma related classes, mentoring, sitting groups, mindful yoga and meditation, and outreach programs, including feeding the homeless at Prado Day Center.

A significant part of our annual revenue came from our end of year fundraising drive and the new Stewardship Circle where donors give a set amount on a monthly basis. In addition, Sangha members and non-member attendees donated generously at our meetings, meditations sessions, classes, and retreats. These increased donations will significantly offset the expected increase in 2019 expenses.

The White Heron Sangha Board of Directors is determined to maintain adequate financial reserves to cover known expenses and to be financially prepared for anticipated future growth (e.g., more space in Avila Village or elsewhere at some point). In addition, the Sangha is planning to support our Sangha members through retreat scholarships and the larger community through new Sangha outreach programs.

The Sangha thanks the many people who donated to White Heron Sangha throughout the year and at year-end during our annual request for support. The continuation of White Heron Sangha depends on the generosity of sangha participants in the form of volunteer service, donations of supplies and equipment when needed, and financial contributions. Donations can be made online through PayPal and credit card, by periodic donations through your bank, or by check to White Heron Sangha. See Donations (Dana) for more information.

A summary of our financial position is shown in these reports: Financial Position,  Income/Expense

White Heron Sangha is a 501(c)(3) California non-profit corporation. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Federal tax ID is 77-0546204. Our financial records can be viewed upon request.

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