White Heron Sangha

A New LGBTIQ+ Affinity Group

by Kathy Headtke

With the intention of fostering diversity and inclusion, White Heron Sangha is initiating an LGBTIQ+ affinity group. This sitting group is primarily for meditators who identify as LGBTIQ+ (plus includes non-binary, asexual, allies, or other gender non-conformists). Many in this community have been injured in body or spirit due to intolerance and unskillful actions in regard to their sexuality from parents, relatives, coworkers, teachers, ministers, etc.

See our event calendar for scheduled sittings, which will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings of each month beginning in July.

For more information about LGBTIQ+ issues, gender identity, and the dharma, see the following:





    If you have any questions, please email lgbtiq.whs@gmail.com.

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