White Heron Sangha

Conversations on the End of Life

by Susan Quinones

About a year and a half ago I started offering Conversations on the End of Life at the WHS Meditation Center.  These events offer a chance for people to come and explore their thoughts and feelings around issues that have to do with sickness, aging and death. You may think “Wow, what a bummer!” but for me, thinking of this as a normal and ever present part of my life has enriched it, and has increased my ability to be present and appreciative of all the moments, every day -- even the not-so-pleasant ones.

Each time we meet, a different topic is introduced. We hear something about it, then share our thoughts in a large group. Next we have a chance to do some more intimate one-on-one exploration of the topic.  In the past we’ve talked about everything from getting in touch with what’s most important to us, to experiences of aging, to the dying experience itself. Participants have been extremely kind and open, and have shown a deep and genuine interest in the topics. I hope to continue to offer these events every other month as a way to keep us Having the Conversation.

Our next event will be on Sunday, July 14, 3:30-5:00 pm at the WHS Meditation Center. We’ll be talking about Getting in Touch with and Expressing our End of Life Wishes. Hope you can join us.

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