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The Karuna Team!

by Sharon Rippner

Join the Karuna Team!  Use the Karuna Team!

Life being what it is, sometimes members of our Sangha get sick, injured or need surgery.  At these times others of us can extend care and compassion by preparing and delivering meals, providing rides to medical appointments, or running simple errands for those in need. 

In the past, our Sangha members have provided this type of support on an informal basis, organized by a friend of the person in need.  When I had a knee replacement last year, one of my Sangha friends convinced me to accept this type of help and then set about organizing meal deliveries for several days.  At first I was reluctant and a bit embarrassed to accept this help.  Then I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of care and assistance I received during my post-surgery time.  Never again will I be reluctant to accept my Sangha’s support; and always I want to provide support if I can.

The purpose of establishing the Karuna Team is to provide this assistance quickly and easily.  With a Karuna Team in place, anyone who needs additional support will be able to get it easily.  Here is how it can work:  A request for assistance is received by Karuna Team Coordinator; the details of what assistance is needed is gathered; a sign-up request is sent out by email to everyone on the Karuna Team; Team members will sign up, as they are able, to provide the needed support.

So far, the Karuna Team includes:  Michele Hinrichs, Susan Quinones, Charlene West, Mia Leeper, Mary Malotte, Christina Sheffield, John Allen, Elizabeth Bear, Michael McGee, Dagmar Malkus, Lynne and Jerry Breakstone, Wendy Liepman, Bob and Laura Liss, Rob Bronte, Kevin McHugh, and myself. 

I am hopeful additional Sangha members will serve on our Karuna Team.  I am equally hopeful that Sangha members who find themselves in need of extra support will allow the Team to be of assistance to them.  So, if you want to be on the Karuna Team and/or would like support from the Karuna Team, just let me know.  While I am out of town (June 6-30), Susan Quinones will act as coordinating backup. 

With Metta,

Sharon Rippner, srippner@msn.com  805-909-0405

Susan Quinones, susanqrn@gmail.com   

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