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Sunday Evening Program Update

by Claudia Coleman, Sunday Program Coordinator

Greetings to everyone! The White Heron Sangha has grown so much in the two years we have been at the Avila Bay Center. As we embark on our third year here, it seems a good time to zoom out for a more expansive view of the principal schools of Buddhism—Theravada, Zen, and Vajrayana.

To that end, during the month of June we will focus on Theravada, which is one of the two major branches of Buddhism and a school of early Buddhism coming to us from Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. The other major branch is Mahayana, which includes (among others) Zen and Vajrayana. The July focus will be Zen, which originated in China and is primarily an East Asian school; and the August focus will be Vajrayana, which developed in ancient India and spread north to Tibet, Bhutan, and on to East Asia.

Of course, all of these branches and schools have spread to the West and are, in fact, practiced today by members of White Heron Sangha! So our very own members will be sharing the results of their study and practice in the summer programs. You can find all the specifics posted on our summer schedule.

There will be other interesting programs as well. Many of you have expressed the wish to have more music and devotional chanting, so sangha members Alice and Erica Reinheimer will help us welcome the Summer Solstice with poetry and a musical celebration of impermanence and transformation. Sylvia Alcan will be facilitating the ever popular Bring A Reading evening, but this time with the addition of the chance to offer further insights and responses to the readings. We’ll round out the summer with a retreat in August.

Click here to see the Sunday Evening Meetings page for up-coming Sunday programs.

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