White Heron Sangha

WHS Karuna (Compassion) Team is Ready to Serve

by Sharon Rippner

The purpose of the newly formed Karuna Team is to serve Sangha members who could use some help while recovering from illness, injury, surgery, etc.  So far 19 Sangha members have signed up to be part of the team, and are prepared to assist with with meals, transportation, errands, pet care, and the like.

If you have a need for such support, please let either myself or Susan Quinones know and we will facilitate setting up what is needed.

Sometimes people are shy about letting others know they need help. If you know of someone who could benefit from assistance from the Karuna Team, please encourage them to reach out or ask them for permission to contact us on their behalf.

Sharon Rippner, srippner@msn.com  805-909-0405

Susan Quinones, susanqrn@gmail.com   

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