White Heron Sangha

Winter 2019-20

Mindful Movement and Meditation Class

Saturdays, 9-10:15am (except retreat weekends)

Instructors: Kolleen Harrison, Laura Liss, Cynthia Russek and Silvia Suarez

by Laura Liss

Well, it looks like moving the class to Saturday mornings was a good choice as more of you have been able to attend! We do our best to offer guidance with options for a well-rounded and gentle experience. No special equipment is required – just your kind presence and acceptance as we weave breath, movement and intention into a deeper connection with the body and mind.

During this busy time of year it’s important to remember to care for yourself. When we cultivate awareness in motion and stillness and tune in to the wisdom of our bodies we can develop a friendly curiosity of both our limitations and capabilities moment to moment. Regularly nourishing oneself in this way can promote flexibility, strength, balance and well-being and can also support our ability to care for one another.

Join us when you can!

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