White Heron Sangha

Summer 2020

Annual Picnic?

by Kathryn Tribbey

We would love to be able to hold our annual White Heron Sangha picnic this summer--it could possibly be our first opportunity to come together in person. We have decided on August 16th, from noon to 3 pm. We are hoping it will be a little warmer at this time of the day and this time of the year. However at the time of this writing, the San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation Department is not taking reservations. 

In light of the coronavirus safety guidelines, we would need to make it BYOE—Bring Your Own EVERYTHING. So you would need to provide your own blankets or chairs, all you'll need for your picnic lunch, etc.

Wouldn't it be good to see people in person! ...from a safe distance, of course. We will continue to work on the planning for this, and as experienced meditators, we will not get attached to whether we really get to do it or not.

Questions or suggestions, call/email Kathryn Tribbey, 805-458-7172, kreid@fastmail.fm.

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