White Heron Sangha

Winter 2020-21

Somatic Meditation Online Resources

by Alice Reinheimer

Imagine a state where we are fully at home, at ease and centered in our bodies and our lives. The aim of somatic meditation, if there is an aim at all, is to bring us back into the experience of being in our body, fully living our unique life. To do this we practice getting to know how it is for us to be inside this human body, living on this earth. 

Somatic meditation uses the experience of being inside our body as the meditation focus. There are many different somatic practices, some done lying down and some done sitting up. There are explorations of our connection to the Earth beneath us, explorations of the space within the body, explorations of the life force flowing through us.

There are many online practice resources to help us. 

Lama Rod Owens does a wonderful brief body and earth centering meditation on YouTube, linked here.

The SLO somatic meditation group has a website with a number of recorded meditations, linked here.

The People’s Meditation group meets almost daily on Zoom to practice somatic meditation, linked here.

Manuela Mischke-Reeds holds occasional workshops on somatic mindfulness, linked here.

Neil McKinlay is a somatic meditation teacher who is actively teaching online, linked here.

May you find great joy in these practices!

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